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Strategic Practical Interventions:

2a - Low cost computers and open source software

This component supports the ongoing efforts of Africans seeking to identify strategies for the development of appropriate low-cost computers and open source software in order to help broaden access to information and communications in Africa. It provided support to the Idlelo conference, the development of a guide on the set up and operation of a low cost computer production centre, an open source software policy toolkit, support to a Solo computer project and a study on the total cost of ownership of low cost PCs.

The component team includes bridges.org, UWC, Fantsuam Foundation and Open Research.

  • "How to set up and operate a successful computer refurbishment centre in Africa: A Planning and Management Guide" by bridges.org. Read Report and Annexes
  • Report from the Idlelo conference from January 11-12, 2004. Read the full report 
  • CATIA inception phase report on research and consultations on strategies for development of appropriate low-cost computers (LCC) and open-source software platforms and applications (OSS). Read the full report
  • "Paying the price? A Total cost of Ownership comparison between new and refurbished PCs in the small business, NGO and school in Africa" Report and calculator.  By Open Research.  READ REPORT, APPENDIXESCALCULATOR


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>> Marrakech Declaration in support of community radio equipment fund.

>> Release of publication: "Paying the price? A Total Cost of Ownership comparison" and TCO calculator by Open Reseach (see latest resources)

>> Release of "Pootle" translation portal by Translate.org.za.

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>> NetTel@Africa Universal Access Workshop, March 1 - 4, 2005 in Nairobi, Kenya

>> NetTel@Africa Academic Board Meeting, February 19, 2005 Cape Town

>> ICT Policy Advocacy Workshop, Kinshasa, February 7-10, 2005

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>> Are we wasting the refurb opportunity?  Article by Alan Finlay, Partner in Open Research. CLICK HERE.

>> Joke Oranje talks about OKN Article by Joke Oranje from IICD. CLICK HERE.

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